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Follow me: The Impact of Opinion Majorities in Social Networks and the Role of Digital Maturity

The emergence of social media platforms like Facebook and their success in connecting people changed not only the way people interact and socialize, but also allows for new forms of spreading opinion. The obstacles to share opinions and reaching many …

Digitale Mündigkeit

Junior Research Group funded by the NRW State Government. Project runtime from 2018 to 2022.

Human Factors in the Age of Algorithms. Understanding the Human-in-the-loop Using Agent-Based Modeling

The complex interaction of humans with digitized technology has far reaching consequences, many of which are still completely opaque in the present. Technology like social networks, artificial intelligence and automation impacts life at work, at …

Cyber - Space Perception in Cyberspace

Funded by the ICT Foundations of a Digitized Industry, Economy, and Society” by the profile area ICT. Funding Period: 2016-2017